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Business Translations

As a freelance translator for over 20 years, I have under my belt the translation of hundreds of legal documents. In addition, in my prior corporate career I had substantial hands-on involvement in the negotiation of a diversity of bilingual international business contracts.

This experience allows me to guarantee to my clients the delivery of precise and fluent translations into and from Spanish in my areas of legal expertise here shown.

Business & Commercial Law

We are well versed in the translation of international business and legal documents, ìncluding:

  • Incorporation documents and Bylaws & Joint Venture contracts;

  • Arbitration and Litigation proceedings;

  • M&A, Supply, Engineering/Procurement/Construction, etc. contracts;

  • Financial reports.


Patents and Technical Documentation

We have proven expertise in the translation of patents and technical documentation for the Biotechnology, Chemical, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and Water & Waste Treatment industries, among others.


Immigration & Personal Documentation

We can provide certified translations of documentation required by immigration authorities (birth certificates, marriage certificates, background documentation, etc.) that meet USCIS requirements. Likewise we can handle the translation of all sorts of personal documents for legal purposes.


International Law

We have past experience in providing translations into and from Spanish for arbitration proceedings related to territorial disputes.

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